UAVs and Drones Used By The USA – Why?

There is a lot of controversy amongst peaceniks on the military use of drones or UAVs. Some say this is just the start and soon these UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) will be thinking for themselves, and not actually controlled by a drone pilot remotely. Yes, that’s true and we are working on such autonomous systems now, that can seek out targets, confirm targets, kill targets, record the kill, and fly home to base, refill and do it again, and again, and again until there are no more targets, enemies, or terrorists – all this without risking human lives in battle or costing the taxpayer money in payroll, healthcare benefits or pensions.

Okay so, many are not convinced, and ask; “why use drones in the first place if it might lead to a Terminator [Hollywood Movie] scenario?” Why do we use drones or UAVs at all they ask? Well, let me answer that question with a few facts if I might, as this “drone ethics” topic is a reoccurring theme at our think tank.


1. Drone Warfare saves lives of American Soldiers.
2. Drone Warfare is efficient.
3. Current US Drone Warfare has a human in the loop.
4. The US does not target civilians.
5. Human shields used by the enemy is purposeful sacrificing of civilians (collateral damage argument).
6. Our enemies are trying to use the global media as a force to get us to stop using drone warfare
7. The fact that our enemies do not like drone warfare proves it works.
8. Drones and UAS have lots of positive transfer technology benefits for the private sector.
9. Drones allow us to cover more area.
10. If you don’t like it, go wear a Christian cross and meet with the terrorists and tell them to stop terrorizing the West, see how long you last in your “win hearts and minds” motif.

For those peaceniks that disagree with me, I thank you for your time and perceptions, however you will be hard pressed to give one single debating point I haven’t heard of previously or addressed in my 100s of articles on this topic nor my eBooks on the subject. Just saying. And if that’s not enough, and if you don’t have any unique arguments that we haven’t heard before, well, I wish you “good day” and I agree that we disagree and what a great country it is that allows us that right. Be Great, Don’t Hesitate.